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Multi-Modes Intelligent

Warning system User Guider


*Please read the user guider  before use






Welcome to use the multi-modes intelligent warning system of our company . This product is suitable for the family, district, warehouse, bank, and commercial place. The product is powerful, and performance is also stable, and it is very easy to operate and install. For  better use of  this system, please read the user guider  before using. If  you have any question during use , please feel free to contact us immediately!Also if you have any good suggestion,welcome to feedback to our company.

        We reserve  the right to improve our products .



1. Technical   Specification              

2.  Brief introduction of the functions                  .

3. The introduction of the indicator lamps                .

4.  The Installation guider                  .

5.  Fast use guider                  .

6, System programming and Application               

6.1. .Initial check …………………………………………

6.2. Turn to programming state ……………………………………

6.3. Record the warning message.

6.4. Learn Code.

6.5. Learn Code for different defend zone.

6.6. Delete the learned code  .

6.7. Anti- invade function..

6.8. .Anti- decoding function.

6.9. Telephone line detect function..

6.10. Set up alert  telephone number ………………………………

6.11. .Modify  the password …………………………………………

6.12. The setup of the ring times  for remote control …………………………

6.13. Set up of the  whistle ………………………………….

6.14. . the sound of the defence Zone …………………………………….

        6.15 the sound of the defence Zone ……………………………………….

7, system restore to  factory default value

8, code form of system programming               

9, system installation                   

10, maintenance


         1, Technical Specification                                                           

1.1.Power Supply: DC 6V-12V 

1.2. Stanby  current <30mA

1.3.Warning current <500mA

1.4. Wirelessly receive frequency 315MHz

1.5. Wirelessly receive  sensitivity 5mV/m

1.6.Intensity of anti-noise 1 V/m (frequency range 20-1000MHz)

1.7.Max. number  of the wireless detectors that can be installed99

1.8.The intensity of  whistle 120dB

1.9.Working environment Temperature 10 + 45  Humidity 90%


        2, Brief introduction of the functions

2.1.Provide  multi-modes for different defence areas:  Each defence area can set independent  mode . The product has following modes off modeimmediacy modedelay modeurgent modeintelligency modemulti-checking  mode


Delay mode: after touching off, if you don’t recall the  defense in 30 second, it  will send out the alarm signal;

       Urgent mode: can install such  sensors  for the smog, gas, etc.; Touch off and then alarm. 

      Intelligency mode: this mode is mainly set up in the place where ourselves  often come in and go out. In this mode,The system will alarm when the sensor is tocuched off in other defense area, but does not alarm  when the sensor is touched off in the intelligency defence area.

      Multi-checking mode: Only after two or more different sensors are touched off in the defence area, the system will alarm.


    2.2 Defend maliciously interrupt :  If someone want  invade the system ,machine can detect the maliciously interrupt, and alarm.

 2.3.Defend invade  function: After  setup this function, all wireless remote controllers can't recall the defence ;

 2.4.The intelligent microcomputer automatic  control and dials to alarm:  The system can set 6 different telephone No. to call master when the alarm is touched off. It also can connect to the police centre.If you want  connect to police centre ,pls  contact  local police centre for detail information.

 2.5.Wireless set or recall defense function.And you also can control the system from any telephone, monitor the condition of defense area , set or recall defense.

 2.6.System can set  the sound warning or  silent alarm

 2.7 System can control the telephone line : When someone want use the telephone ,and let the telephone is busy , the system will  control the telephone line and hang up the telephone  to call master  by the telephone No. that you set up.

  2.8.Security is good: you can set password with 4 No.

2.9.You can programme  the defence mode and indicate sound for different  defence area.

2.10. The system can record the sound and replay it, and the sound will not be lost after  the power is off ;

2.11.The system can detect the telephone line fail( when the line is cut  or  shorted) ; 

2.12. Smart learning code

2.13.The message  verifying

2.14.The system will recall the lasted setup after restart

   3 The introduction of the indicator lamps

1. When the syetm is in defend state ARM  is on In  intelligence  mode,  INTELLIGENCE is on;                                                                                                            

2.When the system is in recall defend mode ARM & INTELLIGENCE are off

3.When the system is under learn state  ARM & INTELLIGENCE and defend zone indicator is on

4.Under the warning state The No. of  the  according defend zone that is touched off will  blink .

5.Under the programming state ARM & INTELLIGENCE are on


  4. The installation guider                                                               


5, Fast  user guider

1. Set defence normally

        Press  the “ARM”  button on the machine last for 3 second or press button on the remote controllerAfter 30 seconds delay ,the system will turn to defend statePls follow (Fig. 1, Fig.  3)

2. Fast set defence.

     Press   button on the remote controller and then  press on the remote controller in 1 second. The machine will buzz tow times, and the system will turn to defend state.

3.Intelligency mode

 Press INTELLIGENCEbutton on the machine last for 3 seconds or press button on the remoter controller the system will turn to intelligence mode

4.Recall the defence:

  On the host, input the password from the keypad and press “DISARM” button. Or press button  on remote controller.

5.Remote control

You can  use any telephone to dial the host computer number, and after the system measures the number of  bell that you set up, the systemwill connect  automatically. After hearing the the sound,  pls input the password, then press " #", when you can hear the feedback, then you can control the system.

Press " 1 "  nn order to ARM     

Press " 2 " In order to DISARM,    

Press " 3 "  Playback of the recording

Press " 4 " The whistle will turn on  

Press " 5 "  Turn off the whistle                    

Press " * " In order to monitor     

Press " # " Automatic hang up

If  the password is mistake or no operate during 30 second ,the telephone will hang up automatic.


            6.Alarm deal with

         When you receive the alarm call, press " 3 " ,  machine will playback the alarm  message , press " 4 "  the whistle rings again, press " 5 " Close the whistle,  press " * " in order to monitor the  situation of the warning field, press " # ", the machine will stop dialing and closing the warning signal. If you don’t press " # ", the system will dial the alert  next telephone number automatically.


6, system programming and application

Input  the password  from the keypad and press “#”,After hear two sounds of suggestions sound, you can programming.

        Following the instruct  showing in below, and select the items that you want to programming. If  programming is  correctly, you will hear two sounds of suggestions sound, but if you hear the suggestion sound of four times ,this mean the programming is wrong.You have to input again. Under the programming state, presses "# " Or you don’t operate within 30 seconds , the system will quit programming state automatically.

              6.1.Initial check

         After power on, You can hear one sound ticking sound , this mean the machine intial is ok. work, the power indicator lamp is on;

6.2. Turn to programming state

         At first you should  input  the programming password ( The original  password  is "  1234" ). Press " 1234# " , then turn to  programming mode;

6.3.Record the warning message

Recording: Under the programming mode, press " 10 # " on the keypad ,

   Hear  the ticking sound , the machine begins work, you can record the warning message from the microphone on the machine at this moment, the microphone position please following (Fig. 2) ,Message can last for  10 seconds.  When record  and  it will delete the previous recording content automatically each time ;

        Playback: Under the programming mode, press " 10* " on the keypad , After hear the ticking sound , lift the microphone of the telephone that connect to the machine,  you should be able to hear that message that you record before.

6.4.Learn Code

           Under the programming mode, press " 1 1 #" on the keypad ,After hear ticking sound, touch off the detectors that you need install,  the machine will recode the code  of the detectors. If you hear two times of suggestions sound, it show that learns the detector succeed. During  the learn state,you can learn  a lot of detectors , but can’t exceed 99 pairs of detectors . If there is repeated code,  machine will overwrite the original code automatically. If no new code to learn in 2 minutes, system will quit the learn state automatically.  Or press " # "  to quit manually;

6.5.Learn Code for different defend zone.

 During learn code states,  pree the defend zone No. and  “#”  (For example :  press " 03# "  The 3rd defence Zone)  And then, the corresponding defence area indicator lamp lights, then touch off  the detectors.You should hear  " tick "  two times, it show that learns succeed.

Note: Each code of detector must be the only one.

6.6.Delete the learned code 

          Under the programming mode, press " 11* " on the keypad ,Hear two time of suggestions sound, it show that  all learned codes have been deleted  ;

6.7.Anti- invade function

Under the programming mode, press " 12 #" on the keypad ,The system will   tick  two times,  the anti-invade function is enable. Press "  12*" to close the function ( the default is enable)  . After receives the wireless invade  signal in succession by the machine,  the machine will alarm

        6.8.Anti- decoding function                                                                 

Under the programming mode, press " 13 # " on the keypad ,The system will  tick two times, The  anti-decoding function is enable.  Press "  13*"  to disable this function( the default is disable). When this function is enable, the “DISARM” of the remote controller is  malfunction . You can only  disable the function from the keypad on the machine by input the password  and press “DISARM” button.


  6.9.  Telephone line detect function

Under the programming mode, press " 14 # " on the keypad,The system will  tick  two times,The function will enable. Press "  14*"  to disable the function( the default is enable)  .If the  telephone line is cut or shorted, the whistle will turn on  in 10 seconds, and will transfer to the  buzzer sound 30 seconds later. Under the  DISARM” state, the whistle turn on  once in every 10 seconds, until the telephone line resume to  normal.


6.10. Set up alert  telephone number

       1.You can set up 6 different telephone numbers, the method to set up is as follows:

Under the programming mode, press " 41* telephone number #" on the keypad  to set the first group alert telephone number .  You can setup other five different telephone numbers with the group code “ 42,43,44,45,46”.

For  example: The second alert telephone number  is 110. 

Step 1 . under progamming  mode ,   press  42*110#”,  The system will  tick two times

              Step 2. Press #  to quit the programming state.

             2.Delete  the alert telephone number: Under the programming mode, press  " group's number code* # " on the keypad,The system will tick two times.

       For example: You want to delete the second alert  number.

                 Under programming mode, press “42*#”, the system will tick two times.


           6.11.Modify  the password                                                                        

              Under the programming mode, press  " 51* new password #" on the keypad ,The system will tick two times. (The password can only be four numbers, the original password is 1234)

               For example, you want to modify the password to 6789:

                Under the programming mode, press “51*6789#


6.12.The setup of the ring times  for remote control

Under the programming mode, press  " 53* ring times# " on the keypad ,The system will  tick two times.

          Function: While dial the telephone number of the  telephone that connect to the machine, after reach the  ring times , the remote control function is active (The default ring times is 08,  you can set from 00 to 12. When the ring time is set to 00, the remote control function is disable)

         For example: Set up the ring  times for 6 

under the programming mode , press “5 3 * 0 6 #” on the keypad , The system will tick two times.

          6.13.Set up of the  whistle

Function: Sound time of  whistle, unit is  minute (default is  02, you can set from 00 to 30,.when it is 00, the whistle does not ring) . 

           For example: Sound time of whistle is set to  5 minutes

            Under the programming mode:  Press “5 4 * 0 5 #  on the keypad, The system will tick t wo times.

          6.14.The modes of defence  Zone

           Under the programming mode, press  " * defence zone code  2 defence Zone mode  # " ,The system will   tick two times.

Mode of defence Zone: " 0"   Mean disable the defence Zone

         " 1"  Immediately ( Default) 

         " 2"   Delay (after receive the alarm signal,  alert after 30 seconds delay)

        " 3" Urgent  (no matter in what working mode, alter immediately  when the

           sensor is touched off)                   

  " 5" The intelligence  mode ( the machine does not alter when the sensor is touched off)

" 6"  Multi-check  (only two ore more sensors are touched off, the machine will alert)

          For example: set the defence zone No.2 to the  mode disable. 

Press “* 0 2 2 0 #”, The system will tick two times.


 6.15. the sound of the defence Zone

Function: set the sound of each defence Zone when the sensor is touched off in the condition of “DISARM”, the default is off.

Under the programming mode, press  " * defence zone code7set up parameter # " on the keypad.The system will tick two times

         Set up the parameter: " 0"  means off       " 1" means on

         For example: Set up the 2nd defence Zone  the sound to on. 

         Under  programming mode, Press “* 0 2 71 #” on the keypad,  The system will   tick two times.

7, system restore to  factory default value :

Press "0000#"  on the keypad after power on.The system will tick two times

Notice: All information in the machine  is removed, the password resumes to " 1234 " .


8. code form of sytem  programming           

Programming code

Set up the parameter



* playback, #  recording

Mode of the recording


*Clear All, # Learn code 

Learn Code


*Disable  # Enable(Default is #)

Enable Anti-invade function


*Disable # Enable (Default is *)

Enable Anti-decodeing function


*Disable # Enable(Default is #)

Telephone line detect function


the alert telephone number

Se tup the alert telephone number of the 1st  group


Set up the alert telephone number of the second group


Set up the alert telephone number of the third group


Set up the alert telephone number of the 4th group


Set up the alert telephone number of the 5th group


Set up the alert telephone number of the 6th group


* new passwords # 

The password modify


00 to 12 (Default is 06)

Set up ring time for remote control


00- 30 (Default is 02) 

Last time of the whistle ( Minute) 


0000 # restore to  factory default setup

All information in the machine is removed, and the password resumes to  1234


 9. system installation    

    9. 1.The  system wiring

       Pls follow ( Fig. 2) . 

    9.2.The door open detector installation

The door open detector installs on the door, please follow (Fig. 5, Fig.  6)

at first,  clean the area the used to install the detector on the door.

Then take out door open detector, stick the two-sided glue in the bottom.  Pls pay attention for following items:

            (1) The door open  detector should be installed on the door frame, the magnetism is installed on the door . The two parts  should be aligned, please follow ( Fig. 5) ; 

            ( 2) The distance between door open  detector and door magnetism should not be greater than 1CM;

             ( 3) After installation, when open the door, the instant alarm indicator will blink.

      9.3. Installation of  the human body's infrared detector

Turn on the side switch of the detector before using, pull out the telescopic antenna. It is installed in the place that the high is about 2.2 meters, please follow  (Fig. 8) ,  It is better to install on the corner indoors, in order to obtain the ideal detector  area , please follow  (Fig.  9) ,Meanwhile it should be certain angle with the indoor walking route (It is better to adjust to  90 degree with the walk direction of people   )   . 

Install the method: Take out the base support and ball, install the ball  on  the base support. After fixing base support on the wall with two screws, intall the human body infrared detector on the ball, adjust the detect angle of the  detector , please follow (Fig. 8, Fig.  9) . 

Pls  pay attention during installation: 


 ( 1) Human body's infrared detector don't be facing toward outside the window directly

 ( 2)Detect area can’t blocked  by furniture, or  such things;

 ( 3)One one side,You can’t install two detectors .For multi-check mode, pls follow ( Fig.11, Fig.12) 

 ( 4) Avoid to face the window, air conditioner, stove,etc.  that the temperature change fast to prevent from false alarm;   

   ( 5) Human body's infrared detector can only be  installed indoors . 

        9.4  Encode method

Encode method : The detector in the package has been encoded in the factory, no need to setup.  If you need to add the detector,pls open the cover of the detector, and find " the address encode  " Position,  show in (Fig. 4) & (Fig.  7).  Use the jumper  to connect the different encode .

Method of the record , " L"means “L”  connect with “N”, " H " Means “N” connect with “H”, “N” means no connector among “L”,  “N” and “H”.  The order is from top to bottom . Correct method show in  (Fig. 10) .  Encode of each detector must be the only one .

         After encode the detector, Then the machine can learn the code of each detector.


10  Maintainence

1.Avoid being shone by the sunshine directly avoid  the high or the low  temp , or  high humidity  or too many dusty place.

 2.The machine should be  far away from the electromagnetic wave and high radiation

3.Avoid  the liquid entering machine

4.Please don't disassemble the machine, otherwise we can’t provide maintainence

5.This machine power is DC 6 12 V

6.The battery of  the Remote controller Human body ‘s infrared detector  and the door open detector can last for 3-12 months, pls repace it when the battery  lost power.

7.When the machine  ticks continually,  pls check the connect of the telephone and the machine, and also check the setup of the alert telephone No.


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